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The company was founded in 2007 and during this time has practice in such areas:


Corporate and Commercial Law, Mergers & Acquisitions (Registration, Company Restructuring and Bankruptcy)

The corporate transactions (prerequisites for corporate and commercial law) are the main features of the modern commercial world. We offer a pragmatic, clear, and collaborative approach that will help our clients achieve their goals through these transactions.


Tax and international tax law, tax restructuring

WLP on a regular basis advises the clients on tax aspects of corporate reorganization, acquisition, separation and other orders, financing and restructuring. These operations are often in connection with transnational business and generate complex internal and multinational tax issues. Tax considerations often determine the form and viability of predictable transactions. Nowadays troubled market conditions, we are working to restructure existing financial mechanisms, including those arising from private equity and other loan transactions. We are also involved in creating new financial products and in conducting innovative real estate operations.


Real estate, construction and planning

General consulting in the framework of land law and building legislation, organization of project planning of real estate transactions, legal support for all stages of construction projects, drafting of legal documents, etc.


Litigation and arbitration

We handle a wide range of highly professional, complex litigations for various corporate businesses, institutions and individuals. Our practice is not limited in scope, it covers variety of practical areas, which allows us to solve complex litigations in the court instances and international arbitrations.


Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust WLP practice focuses on compliance by clients with antitrust law in mergers and acquisitions (acquisition), obtaining permitting documents for concentration and consistency of actions, and government investigations. We analyze financial and business operations to determine whether they violate antitrust issues, develop strategies for solving these potential problems and also represent our clients in the antitrust authorities and in the court.


Banks, Finance and Investment Funds

Thanks to high-level practices, we advise our clients on the most up-to-date lending operations. We help our clients to finance large volumes of transactions. Our clients are directing their vision on finance related to cross-border issues, so our practice has become more global in its direction. Our team of lawyers provides comprehensive advice for the needs of our clients. Clients rely on us to advise on a range of complex credit operations and financial instruments at all levels of corporate capital structure. Our practice is focused on many areas of the market.


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